Developer Profile of Thomas Ross

This will give you a short overview about my skills in software development and related fields. If there is no other information provided I have medium to good knowledge in the specific item.

hardware architecture

ix86 special knowledge in programming PC compatibles
Z80 both hardware design and programming

operating systems

Windows 3.x, 9x, NT, 2000, XP very good knowledge in both programming (application and kernel) and administration
DOS 3.x - 6.x, Novell DOS, PC DOS very good knowledge in programming
OS/2 2.x, Warp good knowledge in programming, basics in administration
Novell, Linux (UNIX in common) basics

programming languages

Assembler ix86, Z80 (very good knowledge)
Basic VB, VBA, VBScript (good knowledge)
C / C++ MSVC / MFC (very good knowledge)
Java JDK, J++ (basics), JScript (good knowledge)
.NET C#, C++, VB (basics)
Pascal Borland / OWL (good knowledge)
Perl (good knowledge)


MDAC programming using MFC, ADO, DAO, Jet, Ole DB
ODBC all Versions throug MFC as well as SDK
MS SQL Server, ORACLE programming and administration basics

computer communications

TCP / IP http, ftp, dns, telnet, winsock - usuage and programming
HTTP / HTML usage and programming / scripting
Windows networking (MS LAN Mananger) NT, 9x, 2000, XP - usuage and programming
distributed computing CORBA, DCOM - usuage and programming

products, methods, technologies etc.

Here I assembled all other stuff I'm familiar with. There are Programs I use for my work, technologies I work(ed) with and some methods how work.

Applications MS Office Professional, Lotus Ami Pro (WordPro), Lotus Notes (Client), ABC Flowcharter
Enterprise Level Software Siebel Sales: versions 5-7 configuration, installation, productive usage
Software Development Rational Rose, Visual Source Safe, Continuus
Technologies COM, OLE, Automation (ActiveX)
Methods object oriented development OOx


German native
English good
Russian very basic