project list of Thomas Ross

Nov. 1998 - Mar 2003

Company Dresdner Bank AG
Subject CRM system for corporate customer section: BUS 2
Implementation of  client and server interfaces between BUS and banking applications.
Design and implementation of scripts for production support and availability measurement.
Platform Windows NT / 2000, Windows Terminalserver, Siebel Sales Enterprise, Automation
DAP, ABS, OLE, Oracle
Tools MS Visual C++ 6.x, MFC, STL, Visual Source Safe, Continuus, XML, VB, eScript


Company IBM,
Subject Telecommunication project for a business support system. Development of a solution for management of telephone number pools obtained from controlling autority and other telecom providers.
Platform Windows NT and AIX
Tools Rational Rose, MS Visual C++ 5.x, IBM C Set++ (AIX), OSE Library, Lotus Notes, Team Connection


Company ---
Subject OLE Atomation compliant gateway objects for acessing T-Online decoder software. May be used from both 16 and 32 bit software.
Platform Windows (both 16 and 32)
Tools MS Visual C++ 4.x, 1.5


Company ---
Subject Development of a MS Exchange (client) plugin for automatic signing of outgoing email.
Platform Win32 (NT, 9x)
Tools MS Visual C++ 4.x


Company IBM
Subject Fractioned file handling for multimedia environments. Middleware for Windows Multimedia IO System, able to handle distributed files as a single file.
Platform Win16, WOW and Win95
Tools MS Visual C++ 1.5

1995 - 1996

Company IBM / BA Dresden
Subject Development of a operating system for demonstration purposes. This realizes a protected mode multitasking (preemtive) kernel with basic driver architecture (dynamically installable). Drivers for text mode window output (Turbovision like) and mouse / keyboard are implemented.
Platform ix86 (386dx)
Tools Assembler (MASM)


Company IBM
Subject Development of software for controlling tape functions of a Tascam DA-30mkII DAT recorder. Contains a privileged mode time handler and a hardware unit for emulating remote control commands.
Platform OS/2
Tools Assembler, IBM C Set ++